• Member Spotlight September: Bryant’s Corner – Kristen Pappas

    Member Spotlight September: Bryant’s Corner
    Meet Kristen PappasShaun

    Bryant’s Corner: Every month Shaun highlights one member of his choice to have a light conversation with. The point of this is for our members to get to know one another and give him a chance to shine some light on the members’ goals, progression, and life in general.

    In this month’s edition of Bryant’s Corner, we are spotlighting Kristen Pappas.
    Kristen is a married mother of 2, fitness enthusiast if you will. She has been a member with DFF since 2012! If you get your workouts done in the mornings there is an almost a 100% chance that you have seen her, heard her, or conversed with her over the latest gossip. If you have somehow not been fortunate enough to meet this wonderful young lady, please take the time to read this article. I am attempting to do the entirety of this interview on Kristen’s favorite piece of equipment in the gym, the infamous “Stair Climber.”

    SB: Good morning Kristen thank you for taking the time out of your busy morning workout ritual to speak with me, I’ll try to keep up!

    Kristen: Good morning Shaun thanks for joining me! How are you?

    SB: I am doing very well (considering) thank you for asking. Let’s get down to business, You have been a member with us since 2012, what is it about DFF that you like so much that you stick around? 

    Kristen: I love that it is such a small family gym, I have met so many great people and everyone is so happy to be there every morning. You can’t help but to let it rub off on you.

    SB: I see you in here putting in major work every morning, easily one of the hardest workers in the gym. For some of the readers out there who maybe haven’t seen you in here working out, can you take us through a daily workout for Kristen Pappas?

    Kristen: I normally take body pump on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I consistently try to do a little cardio 5 days a week, not only to feel good but to keep up with my kids! The other three days I focus on my abs, legs and back.

    SB: You take BodyPump religiously Tell us what role those classes play in your weekly regimen and what about those classes keeps you coming back. 

    Kristen: Well first of all, the instructors are great and SO motivating it keeps me in check with myself, and keeps me from getting lazy. It’s always something new and such a great full body workout. It definitely helps to keep me in shape!

    SB: How is your diet? 

    Kristen: My diet is pretty good; I try to watch what I eat. I do a lot of protein shakes and vegetables and I am actually a vegetarian and have never eaten meat in my life.

    SB: That sounds hard, especially now that it is football season, I need my chicken wings!

    Kristen: To each their own haha

    SB: What inspires you to come in here every day and work so hard? Any tips or advice?

    Kristen: Coming in and putting in work every morning makes for a better day and better mood. Looking and feeling good for myself and my husband inspires me, but ultimately to show and live a healthy lifestyle for my children.

    SB: Speaking of your children, you have 2 beautiful young children, Michael and Alana. Tell us a little about them.

    Kristen: They are the light of our life and are full of constant excitement. We couldn’t have been any more blessed than we are with these two and their personalities. Alana just recently turned one this past summer and Michael is 4, attending VPK at Our Lady of Lourdes here in Dunedin.

    SB: It is inspiring to see how you are able to balance having 2 young children and find the time to come in here and put in as much work as you do. I have known you for quite some time now, and have seen you through both pregnancies bounce right back into tremendous shape. What kind of tips and inspiration can you give to the ladies out there going through that for the first time, or for even the second or third?

    Kristen: Make time for yourself ! I have found in my experience that there is no better way to get your endorphins going than by a good work out to start your day. It just makes everything better. No matter what’s going on I know I can put my headphones in and release stress. I also try to give it my all . Nothing in life comes easy, so I knew going into it that going back to the way I looked before children wasn’t going to be, and it just naturally became something I loved to do.

    SB: That is great advice Kristen, hey what do you say we get off this awful machine before I pass out?

    Kristen: You have 5 more minutes left in you come on!

    SB: Yes ma’am. (help!) It is ok I will get you back if you ever make it to my bootcamp!

    Kristen: Yes Shaun, I promise to make it to your boot camp at one point soon. I know they are amazing, but sometimes by the end of the day I’m pretty tired.

    SB: Understandable. Ok, that wraps up my questions for you about the gym and fitness, I have a couple more questions off topic for you.

    Kristen: Oh boy, this should be good.

    SB: You’re a big time football fan, I know this answer already but for the readers, who are your favorite teams, college and pro?

    Kristen: College – Virginia Tech Hokies hands down.  My biggest role model, my grandfather, is in the hall of fame there and graduated to letter in three sports and play professional baseball. I always cheer for the Maryland Terps because that’s my home team and I have become a “semi-noles fan” for my hubby.
    Professional is without a doubt the Ravens, because that is my home team; however over the years I have become a Bucs fan also, because my husband is such a “die-hard”.

    SB: Awesome choices indeed, Bucs, Ravens, and Seminoles are my favorite 3 teams as well! That is really cool about your grandfather, I had no idea. Not a lot of people can say that. You are from Maryland correct?

    Kristen: Yes I am from Maryland, born and raised.

    SB: Well here is something you don’t know. I am also from Maryland.  Chesapeake Beach Maryland, born in Calvert County!

    Kristen: Wow I definitely didn’t know that! How long did you live there?

    SB: Only until I was 7 years old, so I am more of a Florida boy these days.

    Kristen: Not a bad thing.

    SB: Your husband Michael Pappas is in my Fantasy Football League every year. Last year he won somehow due to a very strong push around playoff time. Be honest, were you setting those lineups for him towards the end!?

    Kristen: Hahahahahhaha … It was all luck right!?!

    SB: Well Kristen now that I cannot feel my legs it might be a great time to conclude this interview.  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me and for the workout!

    Kristen: Workout, that was just our warm up!

    SB: Oh, I am so sorry I can’t! I have a meeting in 10.
    If you see Kristen around the gym feel free to say hello! She is very easy to talk to and will somehow get you on the stair stepper for an hour to do so.

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