• Member Spotlight – Bryants Corner: September Mick Westfall

    Bryant’s Corner: Every month Shaun will highlight one member of his choice to have a light conversation with. The point of thShaunis is for our members to get to know one another and give us a chance to shine some light on the members’ goals, progression, and life in general.

    In this month’s edition of Bryant’s Corner, Shaun talks to our very own Mick Westfall. Mick is coming off his first ever Hurricane Bay Men’s Physique Contest. Not only did he do well for a 1st timer, he came in 2nd Place OVERALL! He walked on that stage like a seasoned veteran and had stage presence like no one else could possibly bring that day. He made DFF proud to have him as a member and part of our family.

    SB: Congrats my man, proud of you!

    Mick: Thank you very much!

    SB: How does it feel to bring home some hardware on your first try!?

    Mick: It feels great, I was really nervous but the competition was awesome!

    SB: I Bet! I know firsthand how much work you have put in, I have seen you in the gym day in and day out working your tail off.

    Mick: Yea it feels weird not doing two a days and weighing all of my food but you and everyone else in the gym have been so supportive.

    SB: For our audience out there, at what point did you decide you wanted to start this journey and why?

    Mick: Well as you may know I have another surgery coming up on my foot and ankle which will keep me out for a few months. I wanted to be in the best shape I have EVER been in beforehand so I set a goal to complete, picked a show and got to work!

    SB: Tell us some of the biggest challenges you faced:

    Mick: Challenges were everywhere from food, mentality, and limitations due to past surgeries that are still healing. I have a rebuilt ankle and am about to have another similar surgery to correct the other one. I would say my ankles having a good/bad day was one of the hardest points because of certain limitations. Also pair that with a hernia scare that I had 3 weeks before the show which was crunch time. So thankful it turned out to just be some swelling.

    SB: Indeed… So I have had lunch with you many of times prior to prepping for this show so I know for a fact cleaning up your diet was a true test for you. If you will, share with us how you overcame your urges to splurge on junk food and stick to your prep and diet.

    Mick: To be honest… My mirror. I was tired of the way I looked and kept pics in my phone, when I had an urge I looked in the mirror or at my phone.

    SB: Your progress pics are amazing, take us through your progression picture by picture.

    ProgressMick: The top left was about 6-6 and a half months ago. That’s when I met my coach. Then it was about 5-6 weeks in between pics in the top row I was slowly seeing progression. The last 2 in the second row were about a month away from the show and everything started coming together much better than I expected. The first one in the last row was about 2 weeks from the show (Thank you Shaun, I know you didn’t want to take that.) The 2nd to last pic was 2 nights before the show and the last one was the night before being depleted and super tan! Over 40lbs lost!

    SB: Do you think the spray tan could be a new look for you? Jk Proud of you!

    Mick: Heck yea I looked GREAT!

    SB:  What were some of your favorite foods and least favorite foods during your prep?

    Mick: At first fish was great now I can’t stand it. Oatmeal is probably my favorite.

    SB: Any good recipes you would like to share?

    Mick: Nope, just lots of garlic and Mrs. Dash

    SB: Run us through your first show, give us a quick play by play, first thoughts when you saw the crowd for the first time as you walked out, the bright lights, how you felt prior to getting to the show, everything.

    Mick: Nervous but Confident. A lot of butterflies and couldn’t see much with the lights besides the judges stone faces and writing nonstop. Once I saw the competition I felt great about my chances.

    SB: Could you hear your friends and family or coaches over everyone else? Or did it all kind of run together?

    Mick: Just my coach at pre-judging yelling at me to change this and that. The night show was crazy though, I’m not sure exactly what I was hearing coming out of some peoples mouths.

    SB: It was my birthday weekend and I was out of town but you know I was cheering for you from a distance right?!

    Mick: I know buddy, I know…

    SB: Here is a question I know everyone wants to hear, what was the first thing you ate after the show? And how much have you pigged out since?

    Mick: PIZZA!!! I ate for 3 days straight anything that wasn’t nailed down.

    SB: I know you mentioned you can’t wait to do another show but with another looming surgery what kind of time frame are you giving yourself?

    Mick: Surgery is October 23rd. I am planning on only 1 month off from the gym, next show is Tampa Bay Classics in June!


    That wraps it up for another edition of Bryant’s Corner, If you see Mick around the gym give him a pat on the back for the amazing transformation he made and great job he did in his first show.

    Mick win