• Lace Up and Come Run with Us!


    Wednesday evenings are ideal to squeeze in a mid week run along the gorgeous Dunedin Causeway.  We set the time for 5:30 pm so you can hit the gym after your workday and get that workout in before you get home and lose all motivation to go back out.  And what more motivation do you need than 45 minutes of peace and serenity along the beautiful Dunedin Causeway (with some of the funnest folks in the area)?

    No need to feel intimidated with this group, we have all levels of runners & walkers and all are welcome.  By using a time for the run we can leave as a group and each runner/walker can run their pace and turn around at 22.5 minutes.  This is ideal to watch your distance improve or to push yourself to get farther each week.  The maximum distance round trip to the end and back is 5 miles.

    The run starts and finishes at DFF where water and much craved air conditioning is provided.  We offer Child care for the time of this run for any runners who want to run/walk but need childcare provisions.
    We would love to see you at our next Wednesday run!