• Bryants Corner: New Faces

    We have 2 fresh new faces behind our front desk in the afternoons if you have not met them yet, their names are Chandler and Jessica. If you get a minute take a walk over to the front desk and say hello!
    Here is a little bit about the 2 newbies:


    Chandler Chandler

    Favorite sports are Boxing and Football.

    Currently training to be a power lifter.

    Ex collegiate athlete (wrestling) in Ohio.

    Big time Bucs and Seminoles fan.

    Enjoys comic books and palm reading.




    Loves to motivate people to do their best at everything.

    Enjoys listening to new ideas and gaining perspective on life through others.

    Loves the beach and sunshine.

    Is very active and loves to run.

    Motto in life is Hakuna Matata.