• Spring – Time to revisit your fitness goals

    Spring – Time to revisit your fitness goals

    It’s finally spring and here in FL we have been so fortunate to enjoy a mild winter with fantastic temperatures but now, as the temperatures are starting to rise, we are more inclined to get back on track with our fitness goals.  Whether it is to get into a swimsuit, special outfit or just get back to your goal of getting healthier, many of us are racing back to the gym where the air condition is pumping along with our favorite fitness classes in anticipation of the warmer months ahead.


    People seem to be more conscious of their appearance and they want to shed the winter weight.  It’s like a Fitness New Year.  Warmer weather and longer days can give us that motivation to get back in shape for our summer vacations. If this sounds a bit familiar here are some tips (from rismedia.com) to get you back on track:

    1. Set your motivation. Use spring and summer social events as “deadlines” for your goals. Whether it’s a dress you want to wear to a wedding or a waist size you want to achieve before vacation or family reunion, setting a date will help keep you motivated and on-schedule.
    2. Walk before you run. Be smart in how you start your path to fitness. Walk before you run or try pushups before lifting weights. Taking on too much too quickly risks injury that can derail your routine and discourage you from meeting your goal.
    3. Joint health is essential. Joint health is key to overall health and wellness. Remember to properly stretch and nourish your joints, so your knees, elbows and back are strong enough to help maintain your activity level.
    4. Make a plan. Before embarking on a new fitness journey, seek resources on which supplements can best support an active lifestyle. Consult a physician about your physical health and conduct further research on ways to keep motivated and kick-start a daily fitness routine.


    By focusing on activities that fit individual lifestyles, nourishing the body with a proper balance of food and supplements and becoming knowledgeable about the benefits of physical activity, people of all ages can kick-off and maintain their Fitness New Year resolutions for many springs to come.