• Group Exercise Class – Not as Scary as you think

    group ex

    Sometimes just getting yourself to come to a new class at the gym is the successful part.  I agree, it can be intimidating.  We have all been there.  But have no fear, it’s not as bad as you think.  You will feel so glad that you came and your endorphins will be pumping by the time you leave that you will wonder what the worry was all about just an hour before.

    Here are just a  few tips for your first time to a group exercise class:

    • Show up a little bit early and introduce yourself to the instructor, that way they can tell you what to expect and keep an eye on you
    • Set yourself up close enough to the front so you can see the instructor clearly
    • Don’t worry about the weight/tension that other people are using during class; Stick with lighter weights/tensions on your first few visits
    • Even if you do the entire first class with no weights at all, you will still get a workout.
    • Listen to the instructor’s cues on how to move your body
    • Instructors are there for a reason, and that’s to help YOU do it right and move safely and effectively.  It is YOUR Class.
    • Feel free to stop or take a rest at any time you need
    • Don’t worry about your neighbor or feel intimidated by others in the class. Nobody is looking at you. In fact, most people are so busy worrying about themselves they won’t even glance in your direction.